Nintendo Switch

Officers Academy

Guide your students to greatness

As a professor at the prestigious Officers Academy, you’ll have the ability to guide your characters off the battlefield as well as on.

School days

Following an in-game calendar, you’ll train your students in class. In addition, your students will take on missions at the end of each month—some more dangerous than others.

During the week, you can set goals for your students, assign them to group tasks, or tutor them on specific skills.

Manage each character’s skills or leave it up to the game—it’s your choice! You’ll get to see how much progress everyone’s made at the end of each week.

Free time

When the weekend rolls around, you’ll get a free day to spend on activities. You can even take a rest day to help rebuild your students’ motivation.


The academy is housed in the ancient Garreg Mach Monastery, headquarters of the powerful Church of Seiros and its knights.

Spend time exploring the monastery to talk with characters, take on quests, attend seminars, and more. You never know what you might learn just by roaming around…


During your exploration time, you can choose from a wide range of activities. Most require using your limited supply of Activity Points, so choose carefully.

Training missions

Gain experience through training battles that might have you routing bandits or facing off against the Knights of Seiros, the Church’s elite warriors.

As you play, you’ll also open up additional battles through quests and paralogues.

More monastery activities

There’s always something to do at the academy. Here are a few more ideas:

Send exchange students

Choose a student to send online* to other players’ games as an exchange student. Exchange students may sell discounted items or help out in battle.

See what other players choose

Connect online and check the Rankings board on free days to see what players around the world have chosen to do. You can also view the most popular characters and activities.

Visit the amiibo™ Gazebo: Tap in a compatible amiibo figure once and you’ll find items near this spot daily.

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