Nintendo Switch


Choose a house, change your destiny

Your path through the game will be determined by the house you choose.

Which will you join first?

Discover a world brimming with personality

Each house has its own group of characters, all with their own backstories and interests.

Build your relationships

Getting to know the characters isn’t just fun, it’s also helpful in building your support levels—which can help in battle.

Friendship tips

Recruit from other houses

See a student you want in your house? Try recruiting them! Each character will want you to strengthen certain stats before they’ll agree, though.

Get a head start on recruiting your favorites with this downloadable recruitment guide.

Customize your characters

Guide your students’ growth in everything from axe-wielding to magic to horsemanship.

Your leadership will determine what kind of warriors they become…and whether they survive the trials ahead.

Class up with Certification Exams

Once a student has met the skills required for a new class, they can take an exam to unlock it.

After that, the character can change between classes they’ve unlocked at any time.

Skill guide

Plan ahead and build your students’ skills with this downloadable list of Certification Exam requirements.