Nintendo Switch


Lead your army into battle

The deep battle system that Fire Emblem is known for returns, with new twists that will test your tactical know-how. Set your strategy…and try to make it out alive.

Position your units

When the battle begins, set up your selected warriors on the grid-based map, keeping in mind the terrain and the enemy’s position.

Issue commands

Choose from multiple attack types and other actions during your turn.

Check the Combat Forecast

Before you finalize your attack command, you’ll see what the expected result will be. You’ll also see where enemy units may attack next.

Hire extra help

For the first time in the series, you can hire Battalions to assist your warriors. Battalions will also level up and get more powerful.

Use Gambits wisely

Each Battalion has a specific move called a Gambit that you can unleash during battle. Assign Battalions to specific units to offset their weaknesses or complement their strengths! If you have another unit nearby, they might give your Gambit power a boost.

  • Do major damage with Combat Arts

    Combat Arts are special attacks your units can learn—but they cost extra weapon durability. Weapons wear down as you use them, so don’t let them break during a fight!

  • Turn back time using Divine Pulse

    Make a wrong move and lose a character? Use Divine Pulse to rewind time to a certain point during the battle. This power has limited uses, so beware.

  • Face off against Demonic Beasts

    These foes are so powerful you may have to defeat them multiple times! Use Gambits and Combat Arts to break through their barriers and take them down for good.

Choose your mode: Casual or Classic?

Set your difficulty and mode to match your play style. Those looking for a more challenging experience will love Classic Mode, which means that if a unit is defeated on the battlefield, they’re gone for good.

Casual Mode

Fallen units rise again after the battle ends.

Classic Mode

Fallen units are lost forever. Every decision counts!

Look for Spirits of the Fallen

If you battle while playing online*, you might see glowing spaces on the map where others have lost warriors. Check these spaces for helpful items or boosts.